Wednesday, August 1, 2012

missed you

it has been a while. we have been so busy with things around here and i kind of forgot about my blog. :(


we have a little baby boy 7 wks ago. Blake William.

i quit my job. :D

we went to VA and came back.

paid off our car just to have it begin to overheat. :(

kiera potty trained at just over 20mo. mommy and daddy are happy campers.

blake has been an absolute blessing and an easy baby (overall).

randy and i have been trying to make way on out backyard remodel. slow progress is still progress right?

i cleaned out my junk drawer which i am quite proud of. i have been meaning to do it for weeks, well maybe months, heck who am i kidding? that drawer was a disaster long before i married randy!

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