Thursday, April 12, 2012

No work.... All play!

Most of you probably don't know but I have been working since the beginning of the year. I work for a company that provides captioning for phone calls for the hard of hearing community. When I heard that this job was available, I jumped on it. I have been taking a lot of ASL classes and I have learned so much about the deaf community. I adore the deaf community and I am so grateful to learn their language and to be able to communicate. Right now, I am taking direction to become an ASL interpreter. I think I have finally found out what I want to be when I grow up. I say "finally" as if I am old. :yeah right:

I got the job and not because we were struggling financially but because we wanted to pay off my car and a few other things. Well, the job has helped us accomplish those things except paying off the car because instead, I am going to use that money to go visit my sister in Virginia. But that is okay. We are excited for the vacation. It is a much needed vacation. We are going to go to Busch Gardens like a hundred times. :D
Yes, I will be flying across the country 7 months pregnant. Don't worry, I will be good and make sure we know where the hospital is so we can skip on over if needed. I will be flying alone though with Kiera so I am a bit nervous. Randy is going to only come for a week or two and then he is going to drive back with Stacy and my mom. Did I mention that sister's husband is going on a deployment/training for 6 months so she is coming out to STG to visit us. But while her husband is gone they will be getting a relocation assignment so she needs to pack up her house in preparation.

So, my mom and I and later on Randy are going to go help her out.

Anyways, let's get to the purpose of this post. I quit my job today. It is official. I put in my two weeks notice. EEEK. I am so nervous but excited at the same time. This time will allow me to prepare for the newbie as well as go out and help my sister. I will miss the extra income that we have had. I haven't really spent too much time away from Kiera since I work at 5am plus I am only part time. She is sleeping almost the whole time I am gone. That has been nice. So, I will miss the income and the "me" time (whatever time that was) but I am so happy to begin to sleep in again. :P

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