Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Amazon Rainforest in St. George

I would venture to say that we are pretty good parents. Good parents to Kiera, even good parents to our dog, but I am quite embarrassed to say that we are NOT very good parents to our poor garden. Heck, we aren't very good parents to all of our plant life.

I have a dream. (Yes, just like MLK.) I want to have a lot of kids, a big house on 5 acres to acommodate our size and I want to live off the land. I don't have a dream to become this amazing farm or to pretend to be a hard working cowgirl! But I want the space to have a large garden, some milking goats, a cow or two for meat, some chickens for get the picture!

Right now, Winder Dairy is about as close as I can get for farm fresh eggs and farm fresh milk, not even goats milk. We do get fresh beef from my In-laws in which we are SUPER grateful for since meat can be expensive.

So, last night just as we finished dinner and we began to watch our weekly movie( we only have time to watch one movie a week together), I suddenly got the urge to go weed out our garden. It is massively over grown and it pretty sad looking. Randy wasn't too excited on the idea since he had been working outside all day already and got sunburned. But he was a good boy and came out to help me.

and to illustrate....

This is what the garden looked like when we began. We had our own personal Amazon Rainforest back there!
 Miss K-bug trying to help Daddy pull weeds.
 A little sensory play!
 And to taste the dirt...
 Oh, it doesn't taste very good. Well, yes dear, turkey poo is not very yummy!
I promise Randy was not doing all the work. I would have taken pictures of me working but somehow none of my shirts can fit over this dang belly and my tummy was hanging out the entire time. Not so pretty!
 Here Daddy! Let me help you by stomping on all those weeds! Good job baby girl!
 And then she tried to escape...
 Almost finished. You see those plants in the back? Those are strawberries. They survived the winter as well as the overgrown Amazon. Oh and the plant below, with the wood shoots coming out of it, that is a sage plant. It also survived the Amazon.
 Why yes, we let our daughter dance on the hot tub and play with the garden sprayer!
And we are finished. Doesn't it looks so much bigger with all those weeds gone. I was able to plant some flower seeds in some pots but I wasn't able to get any veggies planted. It was Kiera's bedtime and she was letting us know.

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