Tuesday, August 9, 2011


For the past 3 nights, we have been making s'mores out in our backyard. We have a pit and have actually never used it before. So we pulled it out and lit it up. It has been so fun. :) Tonight, we had Jenny's kids with us and they had a blast. We were all sitting around the pit and told stories. I couldn't believe the things these kids came up with. So imaginative.

At one point, I told Libby to call me Queen Nikki to which she replied, "Stop it, I am the Queen." :D

Today, I also got my car detailed. I cannot believe that I let it get so disgusting. I thought about doing before and after pictures but I am so embarrassed by how gross it was. They did such a good job on it which I had hoped since I paid them a good chunk of money! :) We decided that we really need to keep the car vacuumed out at least once a month and get it detailed at least every 6 months.

Other than that, we have just been living life and trying to survive. Kiera is getting way too big and is beginning to stand on her own and will walk if you hold her hands. She waves goodbye and gives kisses all day long. Her favorite food right now is a nice cold peeled plum. But we can only give her one a day for obvious reasons. :P

Soon school is going to start and we are going to be so busy. Randy is only taking 1 maybe 2 classes. He is on the waiting list for one of them. So far, I am signed up for 17 credits but I am pretty sure I will drop a few of them before the semester really starts.