Friday, May 28, 2010


Tuesday, we have our first ultrasound to hopefully find out what we are having. I have stocked up on the orange juice. :P I feel the baby pretty often now and I first began to feel movement and flutters at 15 weeks. So I'm expecting that I have a pretty active baby. :) So hopefully everything works out right.

We are having a party on Tuesday around 5:30pm at our house. Let me know if you need directions. We'll do dinner and then have everyone guess what they think we are having and then show some ultrasound pictures and reveal the sex!!!!

We even have a few other fun ideas in the works. It really is going to be a blast. Come, see my big belly and our cute little baby. :P

Also, take poll on our blog. Boy or Girl? :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Not much really going on.

I'm about 4 months prego right now and feeling pretty good. Nausea is slowing down which is so nice. Except that now I'm constantly light-headed. Got my blood drawn and the results all came back normal. Thyroid is fine...Iron is fine. Everything was good. I don't understand. I guess It's just my blood pressure that drops. I don't know! On the good side in 2 1/2 weeks, we have an ultrasound

We finally started planting in our garden. I don't know why it always takes us so long. Lame! I have no pictures but we have tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, strawberries, onions, a few herbs and some flowers. We still want to get more put in but we are just so busy. Or so we think we are! Lately, we have been helping Randy's mother. She has been having a few surgeries done, (don't worry nothing serious!), but she has been down and in bed. So a couple weeks ago, we stayed up there for about a week to make sure she got all her pills and that she ate....etc, etc. Since we have not been home it has been tough trying keeping things going here! And now, beginning Monday, we will be back up at her place probably for 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, I can get all I need to accomplished here before we head up there!

Oh, so if you know Randy at know he never complains about anything especially if he is not feeling good. Two days ago, on Tuesday, he woke up and showered and got ready for work. For some odd reason, I woke up. He was all dressed for work but then he begins to lay down and get back in bed. He says that he doesn't feel good and he thinks he is going to throw up. I was thinking how weird. Randy is never sick. I almost don't know how to react. HA! He got back up and went into the living room. I thought about how he always tells me that he wishes I would wake up early to have breakfast with him so I decided to get up and have breakfast with him. I get out to the living room and he is like, What are you doing? He says, I'm not eating breakfast because I'm afraid i'll throw it up. After a few minutes, he told me that he just wanted to go back to bed and that he would go to work later. By 9am, I decided to check his temperature. 101.9. Within an hour it was up to 102.3. Also, if you knew Randy at all, you would know that he does not take medicine at all. So I allowed his body to try and relieve his fever on it's own which is not a bad thing unless it gets too high! Another thing about Randy is that he does not know how to sit still. If you can't find him, he is usually outside trying to find something to fix! I'm not even joking. So all morning he would not stay in bed but he couldn't. Finally after arguing with him, I allowed him to fold laundry while sitting up in bed. Silly kid. By about 5pm, I was beginning to get worried because his fever had not dropped at all. He was so miserable and I felt so bad. So I asked him to please take some fever reducer. Shockingly, he agreed and within two hours his fever was down to normal temperature. In the middle of the night, the medicine must have worn off and his fever came back and then the fever broke because I woke up to the sheets drenched in his sweat. Gross, I know. But I am so glad he is feeling better, not to mention I was getting worried that I would have to take the trash to the curb that night since it was trash day! That could have been scary!! :)

So that is about it. Not much else going on. We are going on a date tonight. Iron Man 2. Hopefully it is a good movie. :)