Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Callings!

Randy and I were called like two months ago to be Ward Indexers. We have really enjoyed this calling. It's kind of cool to think about the fact that we are helping other members to do their geneology. It is so much easier to read text than to read a ninety year old film that was written by people with funky writing and crazy cursive. :)

Then a couple weeks ago we were called to the Friendship council where we are greeters to new members into the ward. We were already doing this and so they told us that they decided to just give us the calling.

Now, a couple weeks ago we were asked to be Temple Patrons. We are even more excited for this calling because not only are we constantly doing family history but we are able to go to the Temple and do work. It is so fun. We have already participated in really cool experiences and have felt the blessings of these callings.

We want to encourage everyone to be faithful in attending the Temple. We can testify that it is so worth it.

P.s. Tomorrow, I (Nikki) am going to receive my patriarchal blessing. I'm a little nervous. :) Not to mention, Randy speaks in church tomorrow. :D
Have a good night!