Monday, April 2, 2012


Also, we finally submitted our taxes. We had them all completed but we were so depressed to see that we had to pay money this year that we were totally avoiding finishing them off. I finally told Randy that we needed to suck it up and just send them in.
There were two different areas that needed "reviewing" and once completed, we watching our tax return RISE! We couldn't believe it. We are getting money back and a lot of money too! :D

What to do with the money, you ask? We are going to pay off the last $600 we owe on my car and then put the rest of the money into our DIY budget. We are so happy to have the car paid off soon. Also, we pay off the midwife this month too. (As long as things to go plan and we stick to our budget!)

Oh and the best part of all this! We crossed something off of our goals for this year and after the car is paid off we can cross another item off.
Man doesn't that feel good?!


  1. Way to go! I really need to be better at budgeting. It's not my forte.

    1. It has been SOO easy and super super helpful.