Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pinterest Tuesday

I spend so much time pinning things onto Pinterest on a "To try" board or a "this is totally awesome" board but never EVER get around to trying out those super cool ideas. Are you with me? I mean, I can't be the only one who does this.

So I got an idea.....Welcome to Pinterest Tuesday. I WILL get one project/recipe/craft accomplished on a Tuesday. Why Tuesday you ask? Well, it just sounded the best. Pinterest Sunday or Friday just didn't flow as well. So this is my Pinterest Tuesday project. :D Yes, it is posted a day late. I had to clean my sink out first and yesterday, that just wasn't going to happen. I finally got my car back from the mechanics and we went hiking until like 4pm, then Randy had class. Yeah, I though yesterday was never going to end. Hiking with two kids, yeah, not cool!

Let's jump over to Pinterest to see what our project is.  

AWESOME right?! So I have seen this all over Pinterest. Using lemons, baking soda, vinegar and ice to get your disposal to smell clean again. I know my disposal is disgusting. Yours too right?! I was thinking why not make ice cubes with those same ingredients already in them and that's when I came across this pin. I am not familiar with this particular blog but the blogger seems to have a lot of followers. She must be doing something right! I decided to try them.

I didn't post any step by step pictures because well, it's suuuuuper easy. Cut up your lemon and stick them in the ice cube slots. One lemon filled this entire tray. Then take your white vinegar and fill it up. Don't dilute it. Just straight vinegar. How fun huh?! So now when I finish the dishes and washing out the sink I can pop one of these ice cubes in the disposal and voila, my sink smells clean! :D

Me likey?!

Next week, Toothpaste dots!

Anyone else do something similar to this? Or have another creative cleaning idea? Maybe a Pinterest idea that worked well?


  1. Love this, haven't tried it though. However, your comment at the end about another Pinterest idea that worked well reminded me of one of my very favorite websites: Pinstrosity. If you haven't taken a gander, DO!!! It's hilarious. People submit all their Pinterest failures.

    Give it a read. You will laugh constantly.

    1. On my way over there... I'm due for a good laugh.