Friday, August 31, 2012


Back in April, I had been thinking about indoor plants. Sadly, we have none. Not one plant inside our home, real or fake. So while redecorating our living room I thought it was the perfect time to start looking for indoor plants. That's when I came across a post, What's up Succa?,  from the wonderful blog called, Young House Love. I thought what a wonderful idea. Let's try to recreate our own.

So on our regular monthly Costco shopping trip, I noticed some Succulent plants. They looked like great plants but they were a bit bigger than I was hoping but we decided to buy them for $6.79.

We stopped by a few stores on the way home to look for nice vases. Kiera had fallen asleep in the car so I just ran into the stores while Randy stayed in the car. To save the boring story, we found these vases. In the comment section of the blog from Young House Love, a reader suggested putting rock at the bottom of the vases so that he excess water would have somewhere to sit. Smart idea.

One plant at a time we began to replant them into our cute glass vases. There was a lot of dirt in the roots of the plant so we had to take some off and even cut some of the roots. It is advised to break apart the roots before replanting anyways.

This guy, aka: Aloe Vera, was a bit bigger than the other two and he didn't fit as well.
Finished. :D It took us all of 20 minutes. So simple and they have made a big difference in our home. Adding some greenery is always good.

Update: We have since transferred Mr. Aloe to a ceramic pot. He is much happier in his new roomy home with a lot more space and sadly, when we took our month long trip to VA, the two plants on the left got really sad looking. They possible may be dead. I say possibly because we are still trying to work on bringing them back. Defibrillator  anyone? Charge to 200, okay now, 1, 2, 3..shock! I refuse to give up just yet.


  1. Those are super-cute! I bought some succulents that we keep outside and then bring them in for winter and they've been around the longest I have ever had a potted plant! Mine really like sunshine, so try to get them a few extra hours of solid sunlight, and don't give up on those 2... mine looked awful towards the end of winter, but within a couple weeks of being outside they perked up! Good luck :)

  2. Do you have a finshed picture of your redecorated living room?