Thursday, March 8, 2012

True Lemon, Lime, Orange

My midwife appointment on Thursday went great. I am measuring 25 weeks. I was only 23.5 weeks pregnant at my appointment. This is a VERY big deal since I never measured over with Kiera. Actually, I never measured on time with Kiera. When I was 40 weeks pregnant...I measured at 33 cm. I never got bigger than that. I had a lot of unnneccesary ultrasounds. Doc though baby wasn't growing but she was doing just fine. She was just helping mama out by not letting me get too huge, although I felt huge! Other than that, everything was just great. I am getting more and more excited for the arrival of our little one. I am also beyond excited to experience my first homebirth and I really hope thinks work out in my favor. Of couse, I am more than willing to deliver at the hospital if we feel needed but I would love to avoid that for not only my baby's sake but for me as well! I don't know if I could even leave Kiera for a few nights. That would break my heart and she would miss me so much, at least I would hope. :P
So, at my appointment my midwife gave me a few sample packets of this new, or at least new to me, product called True Lemon. They have multiple different kinds: True Lemon, True Lime, True Orange and I think they even have a True Grapefruit flavor, True Lemonade, True Raspberry Lemonade flavor.

Here is the site.

They have all sorts of stuff on there. The most impressive? You can use these little packets of lemon, lime, orange, etc.... to make dinner! They have recipes using these packets. The packets are very small and easily totable. The package is about the size of a Splenda package but it is made of a more sturdy material so it is less likely to break. Actually, I lied.... the most impressive part really is that this product is not made with Aspartame (Sucralose). That makes me so happy! We try to eat healthy at home and we try to use very little boxed foods with lots of additives and preservatives. This product is great to help us achieve that. It is basically made with real lemons, like they dry them or something. The Lemonade and the Raspberry Lemonade has Stevia in it for a sweetener but I am pretty sure Stevia does not have asparatame or sucralose in it either.

I know this sounds so silly. I am sure you really think I am psycho now. But I am just soo happy to have this produc in my life. There are very few things in this world better than a nice ICE COLD LEMON WATER. YUMMMM!

I introduced this product to a few friends of mine. One of these friends lives in Canada. True Lemon does not ship to Canada since they are such a small company and can't afford it. So they have agreed to send her and I both some samples and then I will forward those samples onto her in Canada. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of them too.

I can't wait to cook some lemon chicken or lime chicken or something with them. :D I am giddy!

Have you tried this product? Is this a new product or am I kind of late on the bandwagon?

P.s. I should be their sales rep! :D

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