Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Morning Sickness in the 2nd trimester?

I wake up at 3:45am 4 days a week to be at work by 5am. It isn't that bad! I am usually asleep by 9pm. I shower at night so I don't have to wake up any earlier in the morning. In the mornings, I get up, get dressed and have breakfast. The most annoying thing about getting up so early to work is that I add an extra meal into the day. I have 4 meals instead of 3 which isn't really that bad!

This pregnancy has been great. I had very little morning sickness and I have been feeling great until....the 2nd trimester began and everything has seemed to just go downhill. I realize that I am still not having problems anywhere near what they could be. But I would like to be able to complain just a little bit.

One word... sciatic nerve. I hate you! I cannot believe how bad it can hurt at times. I keep telling myself that I am going to go to the chiropractor and everytime I call to make an appointment he happens to be closed on that day! Really annoying. Oh well. I will eventually get there.

Another problem.. this is really hard to explain. As far as I know, not many people experience this during pregnancy but I have had it happen every pregnancy for the full time. I had it with Kiera, with my 13 wk miscarriage and now I am 26 weeks and I have it this pregnancy. So bear with me while I try to explain.
I get this pain just under my boobs about where my belly begins. It is not surface pain like on the skin but it is deep down further. I hurts when I sit and scrunch up my belly. I have to constantly stretch out and I sleep with my arms above my head. Is this making any sense? I normally can get some relief from this CONSTANT pain by stretching and changing positions but this pregnancy I have had VERY VERY few times where I could get relief. It is actually quite miserable. LOL. I have talked to the doctor and my midwife as well. Neither seem concerned. I a m not sure if it is something to do with my organs being squished, which I doubt because the pain begins the second sperm meets egg. :giggle: Or if it is a muscle cramp or something. Either way, I would like it to go away. I am hoping the chiropractor can help in some way. If not, I do know that the pain will end the minute I deliver. At least that is what has happend previously.

My last but definitely not the least of my problems.... 2nd trimester morning sicknes. YUCK! I was pretty positive that I was out of the woods with this since I passed my 1st trimester with very little nausea. But nope. I was fooled. I get sick almost every morning, definitely the last three mornings. I have a trash can here next to me a work and unfortunately, it has been getting some use. Not cool, not cool at all. But for some good news, the morning sickness seems to last about 4 or 5 hours and then I am better again. Oh thank you!

Just a few incoveniences that we moms sacrifice for out children. Of course, I would not have it anyway and I would endure these annoyances anyday to be able to have the opportunity to create life. I am getting more and more excited for the arrival of this newbie and I really can't wait until I can meet him/her and of course, to find out the gender of the baby! Kiera is growing up WAY too fast for me and I can't hold onto the reins any tighter. She is getting so big. I need a new little one to squish and snuggle with. A child who will fit into my arms again because we all know that Kiera doesn't fit so well anymore. HA! Not to mention, she can't sit still long enough for me to snuggle with her! Busy body I must say!

Last thought, I hope you don't mind the constant blogging. I work so early in the morning and sometimes it is so slow and so I don't have much to do but keep blogging about my thoughts. This is probably becoming more of a journal. Tee hee! Kiera and I have so many fun things planned for the next few months and we can't wait to share them all with you. :D


  1. I dont mind at all. I love reading your blog! That sucks about the pain in your rib area and you siatic nerve. I hope that things get better for you soon. Just cherish the moments you have with Kiera now because one you have two it will just be crazy!