Sunday, March 4, 2012

Technology really a benefit?

I have been thinking a lot lately. I guess that is what happens when you work really early in the morning. 5am is the perfect time to do your internet surfing. Anyways, I have been thinkingn a lot about how much I would love to have a journal. I would love to write in a journal often. It is fun to go back and read some of my older posts and I wish I could get myself back into it. Yes, I have this blog that I can use as a journal which does work to some extent. But there is just something about handwriting in a journal laying in your bed late at night. It's just nice. I am old school like that, if I can say that. I don't care to use a lot of these technological advances that we have. I refuse to use bill pay through my bank. As much as I hate writing bills, I love writing out that check and physically putting it in my mail. That way I KNOW it was paid because I know that I wrote that check and because I have the duplicate copy of the check. I love being able to hold that proof in my hands. I also love using stamps. I don't know why. HA I also would rather take my scriptures to church instead of using my new fancy Droid phone or use our Touchpad. Again, it is something about having that physical evidence right before my eyes. Plus, I feel kind of bad that the church spends so much time and money printing out all of these books/manuals for us and then we never bring them to church and just use our phones. I love being able to write notes in my scriptures/manuals and use a highlighter. I LOVE a good highlighter. I am a huge list maker too. I always attempt to use my phone of touchpad to make my lists for chores or my to do list but I always end up reverting back to my index card and pen. Can you relate to any of this? Or am I just crazy?!

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