Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goals for 2012

i am a list maker. i can make a list for everything. +simple goals. very simple goals. i love making goals and i love it even more when i can accomplish them. BUT i have a hard time sometimes doing that. i have all these great ideas but can't seem to always follow through with them. i want to make some goals for 2012 and cross them off as they are finished. if i don't accomplish them all, that is okay. as long as i made some kind of progress and i am crossing a significant amount off.

1. pay off car loan. (only $600 more!)
2. pay off visa card.
3. have at least $2000 in savings. (i expect more but we have a few expenses this year that may deplete that savings a bit. so i'd be happy to have at least $2000 by Dec. 31st after all our expenses.)
4. have a baby. *june :D
5. potty train kiera
6. have every room in my house clean at the exact same time then take a nap in it. :P
7. have a successful homebirth.
8. make a financial budget and stick to it.
9. set up the play room.
10. take my state board test for my cosmetology license. (yes, i have slacked.)
11. clean out my garage and keep it cleaned. (LOL)
12. eat out less.
13. lose my baby weight. (gotta have the baby first though.)
14. eat healthier.
15. to not get pregnant again this year. (i deserve a break!)
16. remodel bathrooms.
17. remodel backyard. complete with a sandbox. :)
18. finish the garden planters.
19. grow a successful garden.+++
20. build a composter
21. build a rain barrel

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