Friday, October 8, 2010

My Fabulous Birthday!

Just because I am forced to get older that doesn't mean I can't still do kid things for my birthday right?!

So for my 20th birthday this year, I wanted to do something super fun. I wanted a pinata. When was the last time you got to hit a pinata. It's been forever, right? If you go to a kids party, then it's usually broken before it gets to your turn. It's lame! I wanted to hit the pinata. :) Every year, my MIL throws a party for your birthday so when she asked what I wanted, my wonderful husband unloaded all my secrets. He told her that I wanted a pinata, my favorite candy is tootsie rolls, I love OREO cookies and milk and rocky road ice cream. I went to the party to find a beautiful Toy Story pinata filled with lots of different candy, even tootsie rolls.
We had some machinery that was going to be the lever for the pinata but for some reason it wasn't available so we had to improvise with a horse walker thingy! LOL. We, then had a blast busting the pinata and rushing towards all the candy. Okay, I didn't run but if I wasn't so pregnant, I would have! Oh, I forgot to mention the candy fell into lots of dried up old horse poop. HAHA! But I wasn't going to throw away tootsie rolls. I am pretty sure its one of the 7 deadly sins!

After the pinata, we went inside where I blew out the candles on my yummy oreo cake accompanied with rocky road ice cream. It was the best. :)Thank you Randy for helping plan the best 20th b-day I'll ever have and to your mom for putting it together!

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  1. Sweet! The pinata is awesome and the oreo cake looks beautiful and delicious! Happy Birthday!