Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gardening....Zion's....Bread Making

Okay. I know that after we haven't posted for a while, I get on and finally say, Hey guys, I'm sorry.....But I really am. HAHA

I have reason this time. (I'm sure I've used that excuse before too.) But. Look. Randy and I have built a garden. Well, Randy built it but I planted everything, (except one little brocolli that Randy planted, that I thought was a weed and pulled it out!)Sorry love!. Anyways. We are having so much fun with it. These pictures are only one side of the garden. We still have another side to build and we need to get started on it. But here is a list of some of the things we have growing.

- Brocolli
- Green Onions
- Sugar Snaps
- Cucumbers
- Pickled Cucumbers
- Garlic
- Tomatoes
- Bell Peppers
- Jalapenos
- Onions
- Carrots

- Lavendar
- Thyme
- Mint
- Basil
- Rosemary
- Cilantro
- Sage
- Parsley

Who knows what we are going to put in the other side. Already what we have planted is so much for just two people. Ha. Oh well, those of you who live near us will definately recieve some goodies. :P Here are some pics.

Beautiful, isnt it? Randy is amazing and he did a very good job in building this. I am so proud of him. He is such a good worker. If you want any tips of gardening let us know. This new method that we are doing is so amazing our garlic starting growing less than a week after we planted it and now look at it. ( It's one of the close up pictures.) Anyways I know I mentioned that I had to weed but I rarely have to. We made our own soil and It's really awesome. Anyways, if you guys want any tips let us know. This is the greatest method and it's so amazing how well it works.

On Saturday, we went up to Zion's National Park. It is amazing how close we are to such a popular place. My father-in-law is probably the most embarrasing person in the whole entire world. Almost every person that was walking by, he was guessing where they came from. I know it sounds silly! Lol. Anyways, I was just amazing and how people come from all over the world to enjoy these National Parks and we just said Saturday morning, Hey, Let's go to Zion's today. It's insane. Here are some pics.

One last thing, my mother-in-law is the best home-making, do-it-yourself fabulous lady. She is really big on the gardening and has taught Randy and I what we now know and she is big on bread making and all those kinds of things. So I asked her yesterday to give me her bread receipe and to teach me. So she did. and Last night Randy and I made pretzels. They were really good except that I cooked them too long so they were a little hard. But hey, it was my first time. Last night we also noticed that the house on the culdasac that's kinda like behind us (because we live on the corner of a somewhat busy street and a culdasac.) and it was really late so I didn't want to walk over and welcome them. So this morning, I called my sister Christy over to make bread with me with my mother-in-law receipe and we had lots of fun. Caleb and Natalie love our dog, Jizzo. It's funny to hear the things Caleb says to Jizzo and to us about Jizzo. We made two loaves of bread and I was going to eat one and then give one to Christy but then I saw the new neighbors moving in their things. So I wrapped up a loaf and walked it down to them and welcomed them into the neighborhood and told them that if they needed anything at all to let us know. I told them and Randy is a good handyman so if she needed anything he would love to come help. ( Oh, it's a single mom and her two kids.)Then on my way home I saw the little old lady's house that lives behind us and I thought, " Ya know we haven't seen us in a while so maybe I'll take the other loaf to her. So I did and we talked for a bit. With the other dough, I made pull apart cake. That didn't work out so well because my dough balls were too large. But It's okay. I'll work on it and next time will be better. :)

So that is what's new with us. We love to do things together and this garden has been a huge blessing in our lives. It has brought us closer together and we have had so much fun doing it.


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  2. AWESOME GARDEN! I am so proud of you guys! Good job! Tell Randy I want him to come make some like that at my house too! Next time you are in CA?? :) Glad to see you are all back online. It has been a while. Love you, Jill

  3. I hate it when my Dough Balls are too big! Thanks for inviting us over to make bread. Well have to try the pull apart cake again.