Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just a little update of us KiDDO's!!!

I feel like I just posted but then I looked and realized that it has been 6 days since then. Time is seriously slipping out from under my feet. Everyday goes by so fast. Can you believe I've been married for 5 weeks already? I feel like it just happened last week! I keep getting told that every year of marriage it goes by faster and faster. I'm a little nervous! If our first year is going by this fast, what is to come? Next thing we know, we are gonna be all wrinkled and old and people are gonna be feeling sorry for our old crippled lives. Uh, oh! ( I hope Granny isn't reading this!.. I love you Granny-Boo, your my favorite ever!!!)

Well, Randy is working like crazy. Everyday until like 6pm. or so. It fluctuates but it's usually after I get out of school which is 5pm. Then two days a week, he goes over to Biolife and donates plasma. The extra cash certainly helps. We are praying and hoping that work is going to continue to be busy. The economy is certainly against us at this moment. But hopefully, we can work together to make us all succeed. It's been really hard financially for us. Since I was laid off of my job, because of the economy, Randy has had to make enough money for his bills as well as mine. We are trying to figure out what more we can cut back but it seems like there is nothing else. This last month was really hard with the wedding and honeymoon. Randy took so much time off that we were feeling the effects of it.


And for me, I'm still going to hair school. Still got another eleven months of it. Seems like forever but I'm sure it will go by fast. I love it but it's hard not working and bringing in an income. But soon, I will. Randy is going to build me a little home salon in our office. So I can still work while we have kids and I can stay home with them and still have a career in something that I love to do. So I'm excited to get started with that project. I think Randy is just excited as I am about my schooling. I think this is because his sister went to the same school so he is excited for us to do the same thing and have lots in common.

Oh, yeah! and.... I think I broke my toe on Sunday. Randy and I always go to his dad's for Sunday Dinner then to Hatch's to visit and of course, the Hatch girls talked us into walking down to the Virgin River to play. We weren't planning on getting wet until we got down there and saw how much fun it was. So we changed into some shorts the girls had and went swimming. Well there are tons and tons of rocks so our feet were hurting so bad. I think maybe a few tears were released from Randy's eyes. :P Then on our way back to the house. I went up to scare the girls who were walking ahead of us and , by golly, stubbed my toe on the back of one of their feet. Now, I know it doesn't sound too bad but my foot has been swollen and insanely bruised since then. I have missed two days of school this week and the other two days I limped around and by the end of the day my feet were so fat, you would have thought I was pregnant. It's a good think my honey loves to make me feel good. He has been giving me nice feet massages. Good kid! :P

Man! This was supposed to be a little update. I swear I can never post small. It seems as if I always have to write an essay or two! Ha.

We love you all and love to hear your feedback and comments. Your the best! :P

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  1. it has been forever since we have seen you guys, I am glad you guys had a great honeymoon, and I am so sad about your toe I hope it gets feeling better