Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Vacation at Granny's

This is Randy and I will now attempt to give my account of our Christmas stay at Granny's. Nikki told her version of how we got engaged and now is my chance to tell mine. To tell the story correctly I need to start from the beginning. Well, not from the very beginning because that would take too long.

Nikki has always talked about her Granny ever since I've known her. With the Christmas season approaching, Nikki knew she would have time off from work and it would be the perfect time to make a surprise visit. So Nikki and I planned on spending the week of Christmas in Sacramento, CA.

Besides surprising Nikki's Grandma who was unaware of our plans to visit and stay with her, I was also going to surprise Nikki with an engagement ring under her Granny's Christmas tree. I thought of several different ways on how I was going to ask Nikki to marry me, all of which would've been perfect, but the one that continued to stick in my mind was to ask her at exactly 12 am Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve is my birthday and we (Nikki, Jimmy, and I) decided to go to San Francisco; or as Jimmy would call it "The City". I had never been to "The City" before so I was so excited. We spent the day shopping, walking, and even had time to hit China Town. Needless to say I was pretty tired by the time we got back to Granny's house.

Once we got back to Granny's we each got to open up a present since it was Christmas Eve night. The Hampton family has this tradition of getting new PJ's Christmas Eve night. Granny went out and bought us new PJ's and wrapped them up and put them under the tree. It was quite a cute tradition and very sweet of Granny to do that and include me in the family.

Once the PJ's were on we were ready to go to bed because we had to wake up somewhat early Christmas morning to join Nikki's Uncle and family as they opened up presents and to enjoy breakfast with them. Nikki and I have been watching the series "Heroes" and brought the DVD's to be able to watch during our trip. I told Nikki that we should stay up and watch Heroes until midnight, that way we could wish each other an official "Merry Christmas" before we went to bed. It sounds pretty silly but she fell for it. What she was unaware at the time that I wanted to propose to her at exactly midnight.

Finally midnight came and I stopped Heroes. Good thing I did because we were really tired and on the verge of falling asleep. I told Nikki that we should go to bed to be able to wake up early the next morning. I gave her a kiss and said good night and she started off to her bedroom. I reminded her to take her phone with her which was in the front room charging, we like to text each other before we go to sleep. She grabbed her phone and started into the bedroom and as she walked away I started to text her like I normally do. I sent her a text message that said something like "Look under your pillow...". Earlier that evening I had placed a note under her pillow which told her that she had a present under the tree and she should come out and open it. I figured in a matter of seconds Nikki would come running out of her room to see what it was. What seemed like an eternity (probably 2 minutes max) Nikki came out of the room. I knew the moment was right. My heart was beating like at least 100 bpm when she entered the room. The room was fairly dark, the Christmas lights on the tree were the only thing that kept the room from being completely dark. She walked up to me and we held each other tight for a few minutes then I helped Nikki find her present under the tree, which I had hid behind some larger presents so she wouldn't have noticed so easily. Once she opened the cute little box we held each other tight again. Depending on who's asking, there may or may not have been a few tears shed by the both of us. :P I thought about dropping down on my knee but then realized we were both on our knees and then I whispered in her ear that I had a question for her. I then called her by her full name and asked her if she would merry me. Of course she said "yes". We were so excited and wanted to let the whole world know of our engagement but it was just after midnight and we figured it would be best to wait til morning. I wanted the moment to last forever. It was so hard to fall asleep after our eventful night.

I'm so excited to be engaged to Nikki and I'm glad to have her in my life and to share this blog with her. I'm sure we'll have many memories to share on this blog with whoever wants to read them. I love you Nikki. You are my true love. :D


  1. I love you too baby!

    We are getting married in a month! Woo HOO. This is insane.

  2. Whoo Hoo Now it's less than a month how scary! ahhhhhh