Thursday, July 28, 2011

Very long overdue update!

I am not going to even attempt to catch up the last 9 months at one time. Slowly, I am hoping I can eventually. Maybe, I will steal the idea of Flashback Friday's :)

This is a picture of Miss Kiera Bug. It was take last month at my Granny's house. She was soo excited to get a whole 1/4 of a waffle. Can you tell? It is my most absolute favorite picture because it completely describes who Kiera is. She LOVES food. She is always soo happy. She makes me smile all the time. :D

Lately, Randy has been working out of our home. We have the office set up for him to work. Sometimes, it gets a little tough but it is really nice to just have his presence here with us.

I have been selling a beauty product called BeautiControl. You can go to my page at I have really like the products a lot and I am not a person who gets into this kind of selling if I don't really believe the product is worth the pricing. I would never want to push selling products onto others but I would love to help you find something you need and would actually use. :) I am just hoping to make a little extra cash for us. To build our savings and maybe go on some dates! If you want me to help you find the right products for your skin care, I can. This product line uses a skin sensor, which I will send to you, and then we use the results of the sensor to formulate your specialized skin care products. It is really neat, if I might say so. :P I will even give you $10 off your purchase of your specialized line and anything else you buy! :)

Other than that. We are just trying to survive in this world. :) I will be back later tomorrow to begin my Flashback Friday!

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  1. That is such a cute picture of Kiera! So cute!