Thursday, December 3, 2009

...It's been way too long!...

Ok, Jill. Here is an update!!!!

This is a picture that Randy's cousin took up in Dammeron Valley, where Randy's mother lives and it's about twenty miles away from St. George. We were showing him around the town because it's a planned horse community and there are lots of pretty horses, nice homes, mountains and hills. Just PRETTY!! Anyways, he loves to take pictures and when he saw the sunset, he asked if we could drive up and take pictures. The best part is that this picture is hardly photoshoped. It was just so pretty. I love UTAH!

Two weeks ago it was our dog, Jizzo's birthday. He turned 3. So we took him down to the new dog park, which we now take him multiple times a week. He had so much fun. As you can tell in the pictures. :)

He is usually way more active than these pictures show. He loves that place. We are gonna take him to the park tomorrow.

Well, after we took him down to the dog park on his birthday we made him a cake... :) I opened a can of tuna the other day but then realized that it was in vegetable oil. EWw, gross. So we took the tuna and cut one of his bones in half and placed them inside... and sang "Happy Birthday." Yes, I know, we sang to a dog. Ha.

Ok and the last thing is we put up our beautiful christmas tree. This is our first christmas married but we were together last christmas and so we went out and bought christmas stuff at 75% off. It was so nice. Here are some pictures of the progress. I took some pictures with all the final decorations but for some reason I was like seizuring while I was taking the pictures because I couldn't get one that wasn't fuzzy.

So, there is a little bit about what's going on with us lately. We are just living life and trying to survive. I graduate hair school in about 3 months so i'm super excited about that and hopefully I pass my State Board test the first time and then I can work immediately after I graduate!! :)

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  1. Thank you so much for the update! I am happy you are doing well. Christmas stuff is always special and fun. Enjoy your 1st holidays as married people! Keep bloggin!